7Days Editors

I would greatly appreciate any comments you might have about “7 Days and Counting”. I think you should know a few things before I start posting the actual story in the order it was intended to be read.

This is fiction. All characters, names and so forth are pure fabric of imagination. There is one detail though that is a fact. A plane did crash killing all 114 people on board and 4 on the ground at Milan’s Linate airport. I knew one of the victims and it was her tragic death that got me thinking about this particular accident a little more than I probably should have. So it happens that my heroine dies at that same accident in the first part of the story. To make the matters worse it was for no other reason than to see if there was a way to continue with the story once the main character was killed off. That is not exactly true. I’ve never been to Milan and always wanted to go, so this was my chance to pretend I had been there.


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