Who should read this story?

The simple answer is that the story is for someone over the legal age, who likes fiction that provides the reader with an active role.

Stop reading this page and start from 7DP01 if you do not want any spoilers.

The reader chooses where the story ends and what 7 Days and Counting is ultimately about.

One tagline could be “No one knows it yet, but the funeral is going to be interesting,” another “Imagine if cynical Bridget Jones was into Star Wars, and Dungeons and Dragons growing up. A computer geek gets tangled up in her relationships”, but both are misleading. The story is darker than it appears on the surface. Most importantly, it is about different things to different readers: Advance Reviews.

The story unfolds one day at a time, first through her eyes and then from his point of view. On one level, it is a modern romance where a man meets a woman but what is a budding relationship to her is a grave mistake for him. On another level, it is about sex, death, love, guilt and the shadowlands of the human mind. Once the reader gets to the last page of Part III, I’m hoping he is compelled to start again from the beginning, and the Part I becomes the part IV of the story.

If you are not convinced yet, take it from the characters:

“I see you brought your boy toy with you. Is he supposed to be my birthday surprise, or are you hoping for a threesome tonight?” – Samuel

“Well, it’s like this. If you cancel and it’s fate, you’ll meet her some other time. If it’s chance, well, you just missed it.” – Alex

“Pretending is under-rated. None of us could survive even a day without it.” – Heroine

Updated on October 6th, 2012.

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