Kapok stocks 7 Days and Counting

My newly released novel, 7 Days and Counting, is available at the Kapok online store with free world-wide shipping.

Stock pile at kapok on sun street

Address: 3 Sun Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


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2 Responses to Kapok stocks 7 Days and Counting

  1. therockmom says:

    Hi Suvi, sorry to have missed the book launch but congratulations on getting published! Gives hope to all of us writers here in HK. I’ve just read the excerpt and will definitely have to pick up a copy next time I’m near Kapok.

    (WIPS member & blogger: http://therockmom.wordpress.com/)

  2. suvilampila says:

    Thank you Jennifer. If you are up for some Literature on the Water, there will be a WiPS junk boat trip on Wednesday, November 14th. I’ll be reading something steamy and something surreal from 7 Days and Counting.

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