Reviews of 7 Days and Counting

Time Out Hong Kong: Book of the Fortnight
“Lampila weaves the story in her debut novel backwards and forwards with skill. As the lives of a woman and a man collide after meeting at a conference in Milan, nothing is quite as it seems. And, using two perspectives, certain scenes are visited twice. As two people rarely experience things the same, this lends a unique and insightful dimension. The novel is a realistic take on romance – bittersweet and with ambiguity to let the reader think for themselves.”
— Laura Besley (Time Out Hong Kong issue 124 February 13-26, 2013)

Booklover Literary Reads
A highly intriguing read, which starts with a lonely man and woman meeting at a conference in Milan, then gradually reveals the details of events that led to this moment. Part romance, part mystery, and wholly thought-provoking. — Dymocks Booklover (January/February 2013 issue 40).

A Kindle in Hong Kong
“An extraordinarily clever piece of writing. It’s short, not much longer than a novella, but it packs quite a punch. I finished reading it several weeks ago, but I’m still going over the final scenes in my mind and trying to decide how to interpret the ending. It’s a book that forces you to think, and you could easily read it a second time and view it a totally different way.”  Shannon Young (full review at A Kindle in Hong Kong

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Advance Reviews

“Two lives intersect in a Milan hotel. Each brings its own back story to the relationship. Even seven days of those stories form a fascinating web of modern romance. The wholly realistic characterisations resonate with today’s young professionals. Superficially,

‘7 Days and Counting’ is a straightforward tale of modern dating  — each partner on the rebound and seeking a new relationship. But Lampila tells this simple story from multiple inter-locking perspectives. The result is an intriguing psychological exploration. The creative plotting keeps the reader guessing to the last page and beyond.”  — Bill Purves, a Literary Arts Grant Examiner for Hong Kong Arts Development Council

“Something David Lynch might write if he wore high heels. For me it is about guilt.” — Jussi V., a 40-year-old technical writer who is an avid fan of surrealistic stories

“In this mysterious and intriguing story we find intensely realistic dialogue, even in the most bizarre circumstances, plus a deep insight into the mind of the modern woman that is both frightening and rewarding.” — Stephen J., freelance writer and cancer patient in his 40s

“This convoluted tale is not for the faint of heart. It abounds in cynicism, defeat, guilt, heartbreak, but with a glimmer of hope mixed in. It brings to mind Faulkner’s ‘The Sound and the Fury’ in its use of different points of view to create the complete narrative. Perhaps even more pertinently, it also brings to mind the source of Faulkner’s title, that unforgettable line spoken in Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. One could say that Lampila, like Faulkner and Shakespeare and others before her, creates in her unique way ‘a tale [of dysfunctional lives], told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.’ Or, one could say her that her tale signifies a great deal. Lampila purposely allows the reader to reach her own conclusion.” — Esta M., 67-year-old mother, grandmother, retired teacher of writing and literature, and insatiable reader of every literary genre

“The inner world of the different characters is fascinating, and the portrait of the male mind is particularly insightful. For me the story is about grown-up relationships.” — Tomi O. 43-year-old software professional, who likes to enjoy a fun and fulfilling life (this story has contributed to his goal)

“Once you begin to read this story that makes you the heroine, you might not be able to stop, even if you ought to. It’s a quick read for the first time, slow burner for the second. If you like neat, clearcut endings where everyone lives happily ever after, this story is not for you.” — Shiho H., a mother and a marketing professional in her 30s who likes sushi and anything Finnish except salmiakki [salted licorice]

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