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Sullied solids

The most famous word in Shakespeare’s Hamlet is the one we don’t know, the adjective omitted here: O, that this too too          flesh would melt, Thaw and resolve itself into a dew, Or that the everlasting … Continue reading

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Schiff’s Backstage Tour of Cleopatra

Despite the unpleasant coating of the cover, akin to toad skin, I could not put down Stacy Schiff’s entertaining biography Cleopatra A Life. To avoid parting with the fascinating metropolis that was Alexandria, and the larger than life single-mother-queen-goddess of … Continue reading

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Biography Trapped in Steve Job’s Reality Distortion Field

Walter Isaacson has written once again a biography for the masses, wrapped in a pretty high gloss dust jacket, that could have come straight from the Apple design factory, featuring Steve Jobs on front and back. The book was not … Continue reading

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Einstein’s Little Princess

I have just finished Walter Isaacson’s hefty book Einstein: His Life and Universe. It was a real page turner. Isaacson has taken the general relativity, and the man behind it, to tell a compelling story. Surprisingly, not even the calculations … Continue reading

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