Still Counting – The Sequel

I’ve began to write a sequel for 7 Days and Counting, and would like to invite anyone, who is interested, to sign up and get a chance to read it, while it is still work in progress. The blog version of the first story 7 Days and Counting is outdated, and I do not recommend reading it. Please wait until the final version is published, or drop me a message, and I’ll send you a personal PDF copy of the current version.

Originally, I had planned to write the prequel first, but the feedback I’ve received so far on 7 Days and Counting has made me change my mind about the order of the series. As much as I love the dysfunctional heroine of 7 Days and Counting in the sequel she plays only a small part as a side character. Some of the other characters of 7 Days and Counting will get their spot in the limelight in the story entitled “Still Counting”.

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